GAC Proposal Submission Form

GAC Proposal Submission Form

The GAC Proposal Submission Form covers both new graduate and professional degree proposals and changes to existing degrees, but is not required for submitting graduate and professional minors. The following information will be required before the form can be submitted:

   • Cover Letter
   • Proposal

In addition, new Masters, Professional, and PhD programs will require a minimum of three (3) outside reviewers. Please have their contact information available when submitting this form.

The IUPUI Graduate Office will need to receive this form in advance of the Graduate Affairs Committee, no later than:

  • Five (5) weeks prior to GAC: New masters, PhD, and Professional programs
  • Four (4) weeks prior to the GAC: Graduate Certificates, Accelerated degrees, Dual degrees
  • Two (2) weeks prior to the GAC: Sub Plans, which include tracks/concentrations/specializations and transcript notations, new graduate minor proposals, changes to existing degrees.

Any questions, please contact Dezra Despain, Curriculum Coordinator, IUPUI Graduate Office